Determine whether to use High Level, Low Level, and LFE/.1




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    Markus Menasci

    LFE/.1 input:

    The LFE/.1 input is only used when connecting your REL to a surround sound system. The LFE/.1 input can be used simultaneously with the High Level or Low Level input for seamless transition from Stereo to surround sound.


    But where do we set the crossover on the sub?

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    Gibson Hopper

    When using both the LFE/.1 and the high level connections together in a hybrid configuration, do you need to connect the black wire with the red and yellow wire in the high level connections?  

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    Dixon Chan

    I have a 2 channel set up that I would like to integrate with my home theatre room I am building.

    The HT will be a planned 5.2.4  Atmos powered by a receiver, all in wall or in ceiling speakers.

    I'd like to dual purpose the REL R218 subs. 

    So for 2 channel, I'll use my Spendor towers + dual REL connected high level to mono tube amps and a pre-amp

    For HT, the 9 in wall speakers powered by a receiver  and the same dual REL subs connected to the .1/LFE.

    Will this work?  Also if the HT receiver is accidentally turned on will that cause issue with the REL subs getting two signals if I'm listening to 2 channel music at the time.

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