Original ST-Series (All Models Prior to the ST-III Series)




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    Hi, I have an original stadium 2 it was an awesome piece of kit in it's day and am sure it could still hold it's own today!!... However with over 21 years of home theatre use it needs some manufacturer help .. Would the original UK HQ offer any repair/support to this classic model?

    regards AO

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    Anna Detwiler

    Hello DeepBlue (AO), 

    We are unable to perform a repair on that model because of the age. We no longer have the drivers and components on that amp just aren't available anymore. I suggest contacting sales@rel.net to get in touch with the UK office to see if they could work with you on getting you into a new unit. I'm also starting a ticket with this response in case you don't see this.

    Best Regards, 

    REL Marketing Coordinator 

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