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    Alternative Sub-woofer Set-up Procedure for a stereo 2-channel music first system: Recently reset two REL T/5i subwoofers in my stereo music first system...Our great room is 10,000 cubic feet with a vaulted ceiling.  Assuming you have found a resonance free location for your REL(s) in your room, try this: go into YouTube and select a very repetitive, ambient "relaxing" music source (there are many).  When setting up the REL(s) with your main speakers, as you adjust your crossover and phase settings listen for widest most ambient soundstage...this will be very easy to determine...the best setting will result in the largest/widest most ambient soundstage...as both subwoofer and satellites will be locked In phase...this setting will sound great anywhere in the room though the level of the bass will vary of course...if you are lucky like I was, there may be more than one x-over setting that creates a very wide ambient sound field (soundstage)...In my case the lower setting of 11 made both the subwoofers and satellite speakers disappear entirely and allowed for slightly more deep base at a higher volume setting (thanks REL for that recommendation)...BTW: 11 clicks x-over setting would seem to be be two low a crossover in combination with tiny 5" A'divas with a single 3" driver that do not go below 100 HZ...and my methodology would seem suspect...however the results are astonishing.  Very pleased.

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